Tomasz Szrama

[Photo credit: © Tomasz Szrama. Ode to Joy. Là-bas Festival. Finland. 2012. Photo by Antti Ahonen.]


Tomasz Szrama (b. 1970) graduated from the Fine Art Academy in Wroclaw, Poland (1998) and he currently lives in Helsinki, Finland. Since 2005, he co-organized and is the art designer of New Art Contact performance art events. In 2011 he started to co-organize and art design the Fake Finn Festival of Experimental Art and other 'fake countries' events which present the work of artists living outside of their home country in Finland. Szrama also documents experimental art festivals and live art events. He presently works at the Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) as a producer, designer and technician.

I do not have any fixed views. I do not believe in any system, or any absolute truth. Cosmos expands. The world is evolving. As I age, I have more doubts. My art is in a constant flux between sarcasm and sincerity, humor and melancholy, ground and atmosphere. I am frantically trying to capture the essence of a situation, a state of mind. My performances, despite the artistic discipline, and the planning going into them, cannot ever be completely finished. They are a forum, a space in time for interaction with the audience, improvisation, error, and the eventual fiasco. I contradict myself. I still naively believe that anyone, anywhere can create a phenomenon on a cosmic scale. Then I feel, it is a meaningless sacrifice of an insignificant man. I hope that in my desperate gestures viewers will identify for themselves something meaningful, even transcendent...I am fine and I’m scared to death.



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