Extramission 3 by Lindsay Seers

Saturday / Apr 2 / 11
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Presented by the Images Festival
Co-presented by FADO, Partners in Art and Gallery TPW

Workman Arts, St. Anne's Parish Hall
651 Dufferin Street (at Dundas Street West)
Lindsay Seers

Live Images 2: Extramission 3

Extramission is an episodic work, which forms a pivotal point in a large body of biographical/autobiographical works by Seers. For her participation in the 2011 Images Festival, Seers is presenting two iterations of this work: Extramission 6 at Gallery TPW, and the related performance work, Extramission 3. In these works, narrative is delivered from differing points of view. At the gallery, the story unfolds from a third-person perspective, through the voice of others interpreting and recounting the artist's life. Extending the narrative structure from the gallery, Extramission 3 shifts to first-person.

The autobiographical narrative of the performance is rooted in the same central, foundational event in Seers' biography: the artist loses her eidetic memory (the power of total recall), and begins to speak (entering into language) at the age of eight when she is presented with a black and white photograph of herself. In the performance, Seers tells her story, explaining the reasons why she is trying to be a projector. In this shift, the liveness of her voice is what becomes important, as it is no longer mediated though others on film and is potentially nearer to the truth.

Seers's performance will be preceded by a screening of I am Micro by Shai Heredia and Shumona Goel.


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