tentaculus ohri by Henry Wilde (aka Antonia Baehr) and Neo Hulcker (aka Professor Puppy)

Tuesday / Aug 14 / 18
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Feminist Art Gallery (F.A.G)
25 Seaforth Avenue, Toronto
Feminist Art Gallery (F.A.G), in co-operation with FADO Performance Art Centre presents
tentaculus ohri
by Henry Wilde (aka Antonia Baehr) & Neo Hülcker (aka Professor Puppy)
a two-on-one performance
a collection for unplugged listening
Eine Sammlung zum Hören ohne Steckdose
tentaculus ohri is a piece for one listener and two performers. We will present our collection of animals from other nature to you. You will wear a hearing apparatus that we built for focussed listening to nature and animal sounds from our archive. It will be very silent and you will learn how to listen like a blättrige Langschwanzanglerin. People will watch you and you will be a little owl.
Antonia Baehr is a choreographer, performer, filmmaker and visual artist. Her works explore the fiction of the everyday and of the theatre, among other themes. She works together with various partners, frequently in the form of switching roles: from project to project, each artist alternately takes on the role of either guest or host. Baehr studied film and media arts at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, with Valie Export (1996) and obtained a DAAD-grant and a Merit Scholarship for the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. There she completed her Master in Performance with Lin Hixson.
Since 2006, she has taught as guest professor at several European colleges. She has taken part in diverse group exhibitions (re.act.feminism, Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia Tallinn, Museo de Arte do Rio, MACBA Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, et al.); in 2012 the Neue Kunstverein Gießen showed her work in a solo exhibition. From 2006 to 2008 Antonia Baehr was associate artist at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. From March to May 2013, The Beursschouwburg, Brussels, presented a programme comprising performances and films as well as an exhibition: “make up: at Antonia Baehr and Werner Hirsch’s table”. The works shown included those of artists who have worked over many years in various roles together with Hirsch and Baehr, as well as numerous works by Hirsch und Baehr themselves. In 2008, her book “Rire / Laugh / Lachen” was published, and “Abedecarium Bestiarium – Portraits of affinities in animal metaphors” was published in 2014. Her long-term collaborators include William Wheeler, Valérie Castan and Lindy Annis, among others, and more recently Neo Hülcker and Latifa Laâbissi. 
Her productions for the stage encompass “Holding Hands” (2001); “Un après-midi” (2003); “Cat Calendar” (2004), with Antonija Livingstone; “Larry Peacock” (2005), coproduced by Andrea Neumann and Sabine Ercklentz; “Merci” (2006); “Rire / Laugh / Lachen” (2008); “Over The Shoulder” (2009); “For Faces” (2010); “My Dog is My Piano” (2012); “Abedecarium Bestiarium” (2013); “The Wildes” (2014), coproduced by Keren Ida Nathan (Ida Wilde) and Henry Wilde (Antonia Baehr); "Misses and Mysteries" (2015), with Valérie Castan; "Normal Dance" (2016); "Röhrentier" (2016); "Exit" (2018); “Consul and Meshie”, with Latifa Laâbissi (2018) and “Music for Dead Animals” (ongoing series) with Neo Hülcker.
Neo Hülcker is a composer performer whose work focuses on music as anthropological research in everyday life environments. Their compositions evolve as situations, performance-installations, actions and interventions, and deal with digital subculture (like ASMR), childhood, human-animal-relations, queer practice and cultural hacking.
Hülcker studied composition with Dieter Mack and Harald Muenz at Musikhochschule Lübeck and with Manos Tsangaris and Franz Martin Olbrisch at Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden.
They are a part of the Y-E-S collective, who publishes music dealing with performativity, temporality, sound as physical experience and the cultural frames of concerts (y-e-s.org).
Neo Hülcker created compositions and installations such as „ear action“ (2016) with Stellan Veloce, „crackles“ (2016) and „good dog“ (2017) for MOCREP, „gib Pfötchen“ (2017) for Maulwerker and „Da war ich noch nie in meinem ganzen Leben“ (2017), „Musik für tote Tiere“ (since 2017) and „tentaculus ohri“ (2018) with Antonia Baehr.
Hülcker`s work has been performed by ensembles such as Ensemble ascolta, Ensemble Radar, mam. Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik, Ensemble Garage, Maulwerker and decoder ensemble, MOCREP among others. They have collaborated with Antonia Baehr, Henry Wilde, Tomomi Adachi, The Agency, Stellan Veloce, Andy Ingamells, Matthias Kaul, Eva Zöllner, Bill Dietz and Jennifer Torrence.  Hülcker`s compositions have been performed at Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik (DE), Wien Modern (A), Warschauer Herbst  (PL), London Contemporary Music Festival (GB),  Münchener Biennale (DE), Blurred Edges (Hamburg, DE),  Frontiers Festival (Birmingham, GB), Sound Acts (Athen, GR), Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt (DE), Klangwerkstatt (Berlin, DE), Dark Music Days (Reykjavik, IS), Moving Music Festival (DE), SSSS! (Chicago) and elswhere.
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