White Calligraphy by Takahiko Iimura

Saturday / Jan 31 / 09
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Trash Palace
89-B Niagara Street, Toronto
Takahiko limura

Live Super-8 Performance, Tokyo 1967/2009

A co-presentation with the 8fest

Takahiko Iimura has been a pioneer artist of Japanese experimental film and video, working in film since 1960 and with video since 1970. He has been a link between the North American and Japanese experimental media communities for over forty years, spending time and making work in both New York and Tokyo. Iimura will discuss his use of small-gauge film and his body of work as a whole after performing White Calligraphy. This piece reworks a film initially made in 1967 by writing/scratching the characters of the "Kojiki", the oldest story in Japan, directly onto 16mm black leader (now reduced to Super 8). The language flows by at one character per frame. Iimura handholds the Super 8 projector, varying the speed and angle at will. The result anthropomorphizes the iconographic characters of the story, animating language into a visual dance.





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