In Search of Friedrich Nichtmargen by Vassya Vassileva

October 19 @ 8pm: performance
XPACE Cultural Centre

October 20 - 28, 5pm: daily performance
Toronto Free Gallery

XPACE Cultural Centre
303 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

Toronto Free Gallery
660 Queen Street East, Toronto
Vassya Vassileva


FADO is pleased to host a Toronto research visit by the Bulgarian artist Vassya Vassileva.

Presented in the context of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art.

In Search of Friedrich Nichtmargen / From Uncreative Travel Book XXII [Surface Area 510,100,934 KM2 196.950.168 miles2] (short title: In Search of Friedrich Nichtmargen) will unfold as a series of talks (public and personal), actions, lectures and installations situated around the city, and a presence that aims to establish an ontological framework for the IDea of Friedrich Nichtmargen. The artist invites Toronto audiences to meet with her at 5 pm each day from October 20 - 28 at the Toronto Free Gallery. At that time she will share the daily results of her research through conversations, displays of the evidence she uncovers, and field trips to various local sites of interest.

Vassya Vassileva has been in search of the artist Friedrich Nichtmargen since Thursday, 4 Nov 2004 14:42:37 -0800 (PST). Upon losing him, Vassileva cancelled her engagements in order to search for all vestiges of evidence of his existence. According to Friedrich Nichtmargen, every declared identity is misleading, unhelpful and irrelevant – a pure diagnosis. In explaining her reasons for believing she might find traces of Friedrich in Toronto, Ms. Vassileva sent this fragmentary message:


“I was informed by the artist Hermann Hessler that Friedrich intended to go to the Canadian woods in relation to the ‘indispensability of measuring the distance between certain kinds of trees.’ I decided at once that the next geographical locality of my quest shall be Canada. During my stay in Toronto I will search for Friedrich Nichtmargen. In order to prefigure his local appearance, I shall strictly follow his own rules of mathematical formalization while scrutinizing geographical twists and measuring the distance by my own…” = Message truncated =


To learn more about Ms Vassileva's persistent search, and to share in the narrative of her on-going journey, come join her at the Toronto Free Gallery.


Co-sponsored by Toronto Free Gallery.




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