Julie Andree T

Julie Andrée T.’s installations and performance works have been shown in Canada, U.S.A, South America, Asia and Europe. She was part of Compagnie PME for several years, an experimental theater company directed by Jacob Wren. She has collaborated with numerous artists, choreographers and directors including Benoit Lachambre, Xavier Le Roy, Dominique Porte, Martin Bélanger and the filmmaker Dominic Gagnon, as well as working with the PONI collective from Brussels as co-artistic-director in 2007. Since 2003 Julie has worked with and performed internationally with the renowned performance group Black Market International.

For Julie Andrée T. , practicing art should be a reflection of daily life and the dark ages we are presently in. Body and space are the center of her research. She uses the body as a space and vehicle for metaphors and poetry. She tries to reach a place where personal identity is lost. Although this is a utopia, it might be the only way to find a common abstract language to understand what we do and who we are.

Julie Andrée T. was from 2008 to 20011 guest artist Faculty at the School of museum of Fine Arts in Boston (USA) where she was teaching performance art. An occasional curator, she is part of the programming comity of Inter/Lieu (Quebec city) an artist run center dedicated to performance and Installation.



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