Christian Messier

Christian Messier was born in 1976, currently living and working in Quebec City where he has just completed his Masters degree at Laval University. Messier's work has been presented in exhibitions and events in Québec (Rencontre Internationale dʼart performance de Québec, Manif dʼart 3, DSM -V+) as well as internationally in Poland, Ireland, Argentina, Cuba and France.

"The material in my performanceʼs work is the possibility of body. I create poetic structures of actions with this unstable language. Sometime I eat an onion to cry, drink beer and vomit later, use endurence, force or flexibility of my body, make sound with my voice, light fire on myself, etc. This proximity of my own body is just help me to communicate the powerfull flame that I feel when I create. But beind that raw love for art appear a rigorous logical structure who support the piece and let emerge sense. Now, there is a continuous strike between rigid sense and unstable sensation. What I am searching in art is this moment when in a piece, itʼs become impossible to mix or separate sense and sensation." ~Christian Messier


List of Works