lo bil

[Photo credit: lo bil. Pi*llOry part three. 21 minute self. 2020. Photo by Tina Bararian.]


lo bil is a cis-gender queer working class white woman, a Toronto-based second-generation Canadian performance artist who experiments with risk-based performance involving spontaneous utterance, sensory impulse, personal risk, and inter-relational proposals with the public. lo will be developing COMPASS through a juried residency at Studio 303 in Montréal in August 2022; teaches performance-based art at Sheridan College; movement for actors at Toronto Film School; and has created guest-artist activations at Toronto Dance Theatre, O Vertigo Creation Center, LeParc Performing Arts Research Cluster, Concordia University, University of Toronto, Toronto Dance Community Love-in and School of the Alternative in North Carolina.

lo is a recipient of the Kathy Acker Award 2019 and winner of the FADO Live Art Award at the Summerworks Performance Festival 2015. lo has performed at festivals including: 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, AGO First Thursdays, Luminato (online), Rhubarb!, Summerworks, Fringe, Nuit Blanche, Duration & Dialogue, ps We Are All Here, Pi*llOry, Short & Sweet (Toronto & Guelph), Month of Performance Art-Berlin and LADA DIY (Glasgow); and performance actions at academic conferences - live in Toronto, Montreal, Kingston, Halifax, Lethbridge, Mexico City and Amsterdam, and online in Chicago, Vienna and Winnipeg.



List of Works