Shannon Cochrane

Image credit: Shannon Cochrane. Performance for Invisible Water. 2011. Photo by Guy L'Heureux.


Shannon Cochrane is a performance artist based in Toronto, Canada. In her performance work she strives to engage reflexively with the audience, strategically with humour, and methodically with material to create situations and images that are concerned with the formal presentation of art action, the aesthetics of social interaction, and the investigation of authorship, repertoire and the archive in the practice of performance art itself. 

Her work has been presented at various event and in gallaries and festivals across Canada; and in over 20 countries in South America, Europe, UK, and Asia.

Shannon is a founding member, co-organizer and co-curator of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art (established in 1997 in Toronto), and has been the Artistic + Administrative Director of FADO Performance Art Centre since 2007.


List of Works