Frank Moore

Moore's remarkable output of work includes countless intimate ritualistic works for individuals and groups, an ever-changing popular cabaret show called The Outrageous Beauty Review that ran for three years in the Bay area (San Francisco), numerous videos, publication projects (including a regular 'zine called The Cherotic [r]Evolutionary, personal manifestos such as Art of a Shaman, and his extensive website, the Web of All Possibilities) and even a web radio station (Luver). Moore acts as an initiator and a visionary. Part of his genius is in his ability to attract a tribal community of creative collaborators. He lives and works with his wife Linda Mac and colleague and former student Michael LaBash, who will join him for DYING IS SEXY along with a cast of friends, artists and musicians from Toronto and across the U.S.

What the critics have said about Frank Moore:

         "...Jesse Helms-offending performance-art guerrilla...." LA Weekly
         "...one of the U.S.'s most controversial performance artists,...." 
         "a true sexual revolutionary..." Annie Sprinkle, performance artist



List of Works