Henry Adam Svec

Henry Adam Svec is a songwriter, actor, and folklorist. He has traveled extensively across Canada and the United States on his many song-catching expeditions, trips on which he has documented authentic folk music and rituals. From 2006-2008 he was the resident folklorist at The National Archives of Canada; it was while working in Ottawa that he famously discovered The CFL Sessions – songs written and recorded by Canadian football players in the 1970s (www.thecflsessions.ca). He has also recorded music himself, from the other side of the microphone, in the bands Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs and The Boy from ET. Two of his songs were recently featured in Erin Brandenburg's Petrichor, a new play presented as part of the Harbourfront Centre's Hatch Program, in which he also acted. As well, Svec is a PhD student of Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario. Aside from folk music, his research interests include media theory, the concept of utopia, Marxism, and video games.



List of Works