Cindy Baker

Image Description: A photograph that of a close up of the artist, Cindy Baker, laying on her stomach on a small mattress on the floor of a glass-walled gallery. Her face is pointed towards the camera, eyes closed and she is embracing a blue and white comforter. This photograph is from the performance entitled, "Crash Pad". This work centralizes the artist’s “failing,” disabled, or otherwise socially taboo body as a part of the work. Central to the performance is a large sculptural object, which functions as a bed, modeled after a single-pill blister pack. The precarious balance offered by the pseudo-resting place in this quiet performance exaggerates the difficulty in going to bed and getting up, and the unease of finding a comfortable resting position.

[Photo by Henry Chan.]


Based out of Lethbridge and Edmonton, Alberta, Cindy Baker's practice is informed by a committment to ethical community engagement and critical social inquiry, drawing from queer, gender, race, disability, fat, and art theories. She has exhibited and performed across Canada and internationally, including in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Finalnd, and is represented by Dc3Projects in Edmonton.



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