Laura Margita

Laura Margita (Saskatoon, SK) began her artistic career in Ottawa receiving a BFA from the University of Ottawa in 1991. She began her studio practice at the EBA in visual and new media projects. While in Ottawa, Laura worked as a Sculpture technician, teaching assistant and building manager at the University of Ottawa Visual Art Department, founded the Enriched Bread Artists Coop, taught visual art in the Light house program at the Ottawa Board of Education, curated at Creative Outlet/Gallery CO, was the administrator at SAW Gallery for seven years, and then taught as a teacher and outreach coordinator at the Ottawa School of Art. She is currently serving in Saskatoon as the Executive Director at PAVED Arts. In her studio practice Laura works with fuzzy fabric, both heavy and light objects, paint, media and performance. She is a community activist fighting for social justice, nudity and culture for all with critical feedback. Performances include: Double Date, The Longest Noodle in the World, Tossed Salad and Madame Blanche.
List of Works