Vessna Perunovich

Originally from the former Yugoslavia, Vessna Perunovich has lived and worked in Toronto, Canada since 1988. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally, most recently at the XII Biennial of Cerveira in Portugal, Second Tirana Biennial in Albania and 8th Havana Biennial in Cuba. Her sculptural installation, video and performative work explores her personal experience of immigration and displacement in addressing the issues of borders, exile and longing. Tension, which is a constant in her work both formally and conceptually, is essential to maintain the balance between subjection and empowerment, vulnerability and resilience. Perunovich's work reflects on the pressures and ironies found in the opposing but interconnected forces, where conscious meets unconscious, personal meets social and illusion meets reality. Her most recent performance project Transitory Places which traveled to England, Portugal, Italy and Cuba explores the notion of home and one's sense of belonging, as well as the utopian dream of a perfect place and disillusion that lays in the pursuit of that ideal.



List of Works