Dana Michel

Dana Michel is a mover. Her training scales tip towards athletics. Before tossing herself into dance at the age of twenty- five, she was competitively involved in track and touch football – pivotal in her constructions. Her work has been presented extensively since 2005 including on Mange ta Ville - a program on ARTV (RadioCanada), at DanceOff! PS122 - New York, at The Proving Ground – Salt Lake City and at The Festival of Choreographic Miniatures - Belgrade, Serbia. Her award-winning solo, the greater the weight was adapted to film by Mouvement Perpetuel and has been touring internationally since 2007.

Recently, Dana performed at the Festival Particules in Geneva (Switzerland) where she presented the first remix performance of her ambitious 1976 / International Musical Chairs project. A relative newcomer to contemporary dance, Dana has already been recognized for her achievements, winning the Studio 303 Best Dance Production prize at the Montreal Fringe Festival and the Montreal Hour's Best in Dance in 2005. In 2006, she was named Best Emerging Choreographer by the Globe & Mail. By popular vote, she’s been twice listed in the Mirror's Best of Montreal (2008 and 2009) top ten choreographers. Most recently, the film version of the greater the weight won the jury prize for the best performance at the International Festival of Video Dance and Performance in Lisbon.


List of Works