Pole Club

For 8 months in 2010, Kitty Neptune taught a group of 4 students how to pole dance. Her students, an unlikely bunch to be so taken with the pole, were speedy studies. They took on the challenge of learning a craft that is part acrobatics and part exhibitionism with dazzling results. The Pole Club had their first "Class Recital" in front of 150 of their friends. The crowd went wild and an annual event was born. Pole Club now operates as more of a collective. Each student, having found their own style and strength, strives to learn "new tricks" from each other. As well as surfing online for what the champions are doing and spurring each other on to try more difficult moves. Pole Club is Kitty Neptune, Charissa Wilcox, Axle Blows, Shanna Miller, and Shane Mackinnon. Demonstrating at this event will be all of Pole Club, with the absence of Shanna Miller.
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