Sian Robinson Davies

Siân Robinson Davies is an artist and comedian based in Edinburgh whose work encompasses performance, writing and video. She graduated from Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2007 and Applied Linguistics at Birbeck College, University of London in 2011.

Selected exhibitions include: David Conroy, Seventeen Gallery, London, 2015; Ideas in things, Maria Stenfors, London, 2014; Public Building (as Internet), Transmission, Glagsow, 2013 and Semi (as Internet), Rhubaba, Edinburgh, 2012.

Selected performances include: Conversations at the performance event Gold Panning, Market Gallery, Glasgow, 2015; Christmas, LiveArt.DK, Copenhagen, 2014; Assumptions, EXPERIMENTICA14, Chapter, Cardiff, 2014; Assumptions, CCA, Glasgow, 2014; A Conversation with the Pink Panther at the symposium, If I know that something unknown transcends me…, Rhubaba, Edinburgh University, 2013; Egg on your Face, Off The Page, Cardiff, 2013; Trying to Remember, The Stand, Edinburgh, 2013; Expectations, Rhubarb Festival, FADO Performance Art Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2012; and My First Ever Stand-Up Comedy Gig (as Internet), Seven Sites, Manchester, 2012.

Selected writing includes: Footnotes for Transmission, 2015; When Will I Be a Real Comedian?, Amateur Library, Online, 2015; A performance I saw in 1974, Temps de Vacances, Les Couleurs, 2015; The Asking, Taking and Giving of Artist-Led-Activity, Annuale, Embassy Gallery, 2014; and Naked and Practical (a collection of short stories), 2018.


List of Works