Andrea Saemann

Andrea Saemann (b. 1962) lives and works as artist and curator in Basel, Switzerland. She loves to work within artists initiatives and plattforms. From 1997–2000 she was the coordinator of Kaskadenkondensator, a space for contemporary art and performance in Basel. In 2001, in collaboration with art historian and art producer Annina Zimmermann, she curated in the outdoor project "Helle Nächte". With artist Lena Eriksson, Saemann initiated the project space "lodypop" in Basel. From 2002–2011 she worked with art historian Katrin Grögel on "Performance Saga", a project that transmits and updates the history of Performance Art on many different levels and promotes a dialogue between the generations. It includes the conception and realization of performance pieces, the publication of video interviews and the planning of events.

I work because I am impressed.
I recognize: authority is a performative achievment.
I see: a constricting frame opens up possibilities, to experience the world differently.
I benefit from that procedure.

In order to experience performance art history, I repeat single aspects or entire pieces. The process — to enter with my body into a performance copy — liberates unusual energies, on the battleground of autonomy versus heteronomy. The process of copying constricts my field of action and opens up new perspectives and sights on the world.



List of Works