Mathieu Bohet

Mathieu Bohet (born in 1980) lives and works in Paris. In 2001, he joined the School of Fine Arts in Rennes under the direction of Jacques Sauvageot. He met artists who use video while highlighting the artist's gesture. He has worked with Marcel Dinahet, Luc Larmor, Lydie Jean-Dit-Panel, and Robert Cahen. During a student exchange he discovered the classes of Bartolomé Ferrando, Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia. This meeting confirmed his interest in action art. With other artists from Valencia, he founded the association Sinberifora which aims to promote action art. He helped to organize the performance cycle entitled "Arrt d'acccio" which allows three performance artists meet every month. 

He holds a DNSEP at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia, where in 2009 he wrote his master’s thesis on the topic of performance in relation to the idea of metamorphosis of narrative and image-movement. Often using video in performance as a strategy to play with the boundaries of fiction and reality, his actions are engaged with social or political concepts that address the psychology around archetypal figures. In addition to his personal practice, he has developed several projects with the Action Group ESOC and recently delved into experimental music with the band Romatkin.


List of Works