Zachary Murphy

Zachary Murphy is a Toronto-based theatre-creator, dancer, and founder of Mystic Horde—a theatrical performance company. In his practice he seeks out the connections that exist between thought, sound, and movement. During his training as an actor he has placed a strong focus on physical based practices and has trained in Butoh, Suzuki, Viewpoints, Ballet, Gaga, Authentic Movement, and Sensory Awareness, among others. Recent credits: Videographer in Auto_undo: past the future_suture u (Robert Kingsbury & Alicia Grant), Reverend Hale in The Crucible (Chelsea Woodard, The Kindling Collective), Actor in He Said It. Monologue (Francesco Gagliardi, Harbourfront Centre’s HATCH), Creator/Performer in The Dark Lady (or, an experimentation in artistic definition and creation) (self-produced/Hub14), Adam in Blood Moon (Vikram Dhawan), Dancer in Glaciology (Brandy Leary, Anandam Dancetheatre/Scotiabank Nuit Blanche), Dancer in Forgetting Remembering (Robert Kingsbury, SummerWorks). Training: George Brown Theatre School, SITI Company Summer Intensive. He is currently leading the development of The Dark Lady: a Bakkhanalian Coven, which will premiere in June 2017 at 8-11.

List of Works