Moe Angelos

Moe Angelos is a theatre artist and writer. She is a core member of The Builders Association, an internationally touring, New York-based theatre company that has been making innovative large-scale, media infused performance work since 1994. Recent Builders projects include the critically acclaimed “SONTAG: Reborn” and “Elements of Oz.” She's one of The Five Lesbian Brothers, an Obie-Award winning theatre company whose works include, “Oedipus at Palm Springs,” “Brave Smiles” and “The Secretaries,” and she has been a member of the Wow Café Theater since 1981. She has collaborated with many downtown New York City luminaries including Lisa Kron, Carmelita Tropicana, Anne Bogart, Holly Hughes, Lois Weaver, Kate Stafford, Brooke O’Harra, Half Straddle and The Ridiculous Theatrical Company. She is a Mentor in the Queer/Arts/Mentorship Program in New York City. 
List of Works