Dickie Beau

[Photo credit: Joel Fildes]


Dickie Beau draws on performance traditions including clowning, theatre, vaudeville, dance and mime. He merges the sensibility of contemporary culture with queer twists and informed echoes of the past, realizing an exquisite interplay of digital content.

A pioneer of playback performance, emerging from the drag tradition of lip-synching, Dickie Beau is influencing the practice of a whole new generation of performance-makers. His work is increasingly studied on contemporary theatre and performance courses in the UK and he’s in demand as a workshop leader and visiting speaker. Dickie has worked as artistic mentor for SPILL Festival's National Platform as well as for MA students at Queen Mary University of London and the University of Chichester. In October 2015 Dickie joins Queen Mary University of London Department of Drama as an Associate Research Fellow. He will also continue to hold an Associate Research Fellowship at Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre at the University of London. In 2014 Dickie was the recipient of the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust award.



List of Works