Myung-Sun Kim

time being (2016)

Medium: raised mud with extracted minerals and precious metal, fired to 2232 Fahrenheit

time being is motivated by an old Korean folklore about dangerous journey taken by monks into the high mountains, where they sought mythical rocks that give immortality and eternal health when devoured. When these rocks are heated to high temperatures, over a long duration, they become consumable. Rocks are among the oldest existing beings, with weathered faces that embody their lived experiences and echo their resilience. They are vessels for memory, trauma, migration, and undocumented histories. time being recovers the ghosts of the past, and through drink, food, and sharing, they provide a place for transformative experience of sustenance and caring. 

[Photo credit: Morris Lum]

Myung-Sun Kim is an artist and a programmer, based in Toronto. Her work explores ideas around foodways, undocumented history, war, fiction, memory, trauma, resilience, and community care. She is interested in sharing of lived experiences and methodologies that may evoke a collective sense of empathy, a deeper understanding and a care for the differences that exist within our complex intercultural communities, in ways that provides sustenance. She has exhibited throughout North America and in Finland, including Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, ON), articule (Montreal, QC), and Gendai Gallery (Toronto, ON). She will be speaking at The Art of Propogation: Monthly Performance Speaker Series presented by Museum of Contemporary Art January 2018 (Toronto, ON).


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