Amber Helene Muller St. Thomas

[Photo credit: © Amber Helene Müller St. Thomas. Pi*llOry part three. Care Pack. 2020. Photo by Natalie Logan.]

Amber Helene Müller St. Thomas is a Canadian artist based in Toronto. Their artistic practice is based in developing performative and disruptive actions that include interactive elements of touch and multifarious queer gestures. They primarily work in lens-based media and performance art. They are interested in communal interaction, materiality, tactility, desire, and the potential for objects to function as both symbols of self and surrogates for intimacy.

The murmurs of the hymns sing low,
Fascinations undone by the undulation of each inhalation.
Cracks and purges fall sloppy on feet.
Things fall apart.

Tediously re-sung emerging twills.
Boxes amassed beyond projection,
filled with reserves to last the revelation.



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