Joyce LeeAnn

Joyce LeeAnn is a certified archivist and an interdisciplinary artist. She has worked for a community archive, a corporate archive, a large public library, and a prestigious museum. However, her archival praxis began as a young girl, and as an act of decolonization she centers her innate methods. In 2011, she self-published her archival text, somethymes grief goes for a walk. In 2013, she co-curated The Finding Aid: Black Women at the Intersection of Art and Archiving at the Schomburg Center. She is a House of Noire gem, and was a Create Change fellow with The Laundromat Project, as well as a MoCADA creator in residence. She has performed her work at The Noire Pageant, Laurie Beechman Theatre, House of Yes, New York University, Brooklyn Museum, and many other places. In 2017, she emancipated her labor by cultivating Archival Alchemy®, a small business that supports institutions and artists to activate and enrich archives.



List of Works