Helene Lefebvre

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Hélène Lefebvre’s practice is an inquiry into identity and alterity, all the while weaving links between visual art, culture, and society. The body in movement and sensorial active listening (epicenter of performance action) have been a sustained interest of hers for over ten years. Recently, her work has taken the form of performance, installation and video. Her practice in corporeality takes inspiration from studies in visual art, contemporary dance, and authentic movement, a form in which improvisation is central. The richness of performance art resides in the search for the other, their humanness, an identity that appears to be different than one’s own. This meeting gives the impression of coming out of oneself while also offering a better grasp of who we are exactly.

Hélène has presented her work at a number of exhibitions and performances in Canada (Ontario, Québec and Nova Scotia), Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. She has received grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa.


List of Works