Justice Walz

Justice Walz is an interdisciplinary artist, brand designer, illustrator + maker based in Toronto. She uses her artistic practice as a way to playfully explore her intersections as a neurodivergent, mad, queer biracial woman of colour.  Justice's work toys with notions of intersectional feminism, re-contextualizing / healing from mental and chronic illness, and the reclamation of her identity, using her interdisciplinary practice as a way to navigate and make peace with her experiences. Balancing the dichotomy of elegance and camp, trauma and healing, beauty and abjection, as well as confrontation and acceptance, Justice uses craft and found objects in a variety of disciplines.  She enjoys working with visually and tactually stimulating mediums in a practice that often includes craft clay, resin, and upcycled secondhand materials.

Justice has exhibited installations and illustrations that join the discourse of mental and chronic illness, feminism, and healing from trauma. She exhibited her earliest installation work in The Sustenance Rite (2017), curated as part of the 5-circuit exhibition series Take Care. In 2018, she showed her next installation at “MENTAL HEALTH”, as part of the White House Studio Project's In Space program, conceived of by Sandra J. Manilla and co-produced with Stephanie Avery, Leone McComas, and Nathaniel Addison. This exhibition was funded through the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council, and led to her participation as an exhibiting artist speaker at a community roundtable in partnership with the Artists’ Health Alliance. 



List of Works