Valentin Torrens

Valentin Torrens (b. 1951, Spain) is a Barcelona-based installation and performance artist, theorist and educator. He is also highly active as an arts organizer and programmer. Since 2000, Valentin has organized and programmed the Periferias Festival that takes place each year in Huesca and the Territoris Nomades, Spain, showcasing the work of local and international performance artists. Since the mid-80’s his work has been exhibited throughout Spain and internationally in numerous galleries, group and solo shows, and his work can be seen in dozens of international and Spanish catalogues and publications. Since 1990, Torren’s performance work has been presented in festivals and events in over a dozen countries around the world. This will be Torrens’ first performance in English Canada. Torrens is currently editing a text entitled Performance Pedagogy, which will gather together documentation and course material from over 30 educators, theorists and established programs engaged in the research and teaching of performance art genres. When published this text will be a seminal teaching resource for individuals working in performance and interdisciplinary public art.

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