Diana Lopez Soto

Mexican artist Diana Lopez Soto graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art in 2005 (Vancouver). She is an active performer, dancer and artist working with video, performance installations and public interventions. Diana is a founding member of Norma, an art collective formed by eight artists who over the past five years have produced installation and performance works that employ absurdity, physical endurance and repetition in an exploration of collective identity and cultural anxiety. As a professional dancer, she has danced for Firebelly Productions  at the Vancouver International Dance Festival (2004), the "Calgary Biennale Celebration" (2005) and other theatre/dance productions by Kira Shaffer. Recently, she worked for Circus Orange in Aviator, a public theatrical/circus dance and pyrotechnical performance installation that took place at Dundas Square for "Just for Laughs Festival" (2007). Diana is an active environmentalist and human rights advocate who moved from Vancouver to continue her art career at her studio quarters and organic farm in Ontario. Her work investigates patterns, human relationships and movement among, within and outside of our social/cultural and physical entities. Engaging the viewer through playful gestures that evoke self awareness, she crafts time-based journals, installations or performances inspired by her studies of everyday physical, intuitional and spiritual patterns in her life.



List of Works