When We Were Weaving by Maria Cosmes

Saturday / Oct 6 / 07
7:00 pm

Lower Ossington Theatre
100A Ossington Avenue, Toronto
Maria Cosmes

FADO is pleased to present Barcelona-based artist Maria Cosmes and Carlos Pina in their Toronto premieres. Join us at the Lower Ossington Theatre to experience an evening of performances from two of Spain's most active contemporary art makers.

Maria Cosmes's work focuses on the relationships, interpersonal relationships, links and ties with one another. Using rope, string, thread, rubber bands, Cosmes builds her performance in collaboration with the audience, each performance is informed by time, space and place. As an anthropologist, she is particularly interested in these differences, and at times, similarities.

In "Liens" Maria Cosmes acts as mediating interpreter allowing herself to be bound and handled by real ropes which end up forming an autonomous network in which our movements become ambivalent, longing to escape, soothe or submit, in short, they relive that everyday monster, sometimes pleasant or seductive, which at the bottom is the most terrible of all pitiful ghosts: society. - Deborah Puig-Pey


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