Public Spaces / Private Places (Summary)

2000 - 2003

various locations, Toronto


Public Spaces /  Private Places was a three-year long international performance art series featuring 22 projects (26 artists) from Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. The series explored the elements that turn neutral 'space' into meaningful 'place' through performances that examined the degrees of intimacy, connection and interaction that mark the dividing line between public and private. The series was particularly focused on performances created for intimate audiences. Some projects featured site-specific or installational environments that invited participants into a sensory or experiential journey. Others were process-oriented, involving public intervention, intimate gestures, or actions that were, by their nature, nearly invisible. Above all, the series explored the points where identity and geography intersect to generate meaning.

The series took place in Toronto 
in various locations, from 2000 to 2003, and was curated by Paul Couillard.


Evanescent Rumour by Tony Romano
Urban Disco Trailer by Jinhan Ko
where do I go from here? by Stefanie Marshall
Ethel: Bloodline by Louise Liliefeldt
Between Us by Jerzy Onuch
Numb/Hum: A Subterranean Metropolitan Opera by Christine Carson
spoken house by Otiose
Public Web by Tagny Duff
The Addmore Session by Istvan Kantor

Meridian by Marilyn Arsem
Disclosure by Undo
Remembrance Day by Johanna Householder
Open Surgery by Oreet Ashery & Svar Simpson
Mettachine (Sequence 1) by Louise McKissick
One Stitch in Time by Devora Newmark
A Gathering for Her by Reona Brass
Talking to my Horse by Archer Pechawis

Feu de Joie by Randy & Berenicci
Disposition by Adina Bar-On
The Rootless Man by Iwan Wijono
Promenades by Sylvie Cotton
Walking and Getting Rid of Something by Kirsten Forkert


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