Walking and Getting Rid of Something by Kirsten Forkert

Saturday / Mar 1 / 03
2:00 pm

Sheraton Centre (food court)
123 Queen Street West, Toronto

Kirsten Forkert

FADO is pleased to present Vancouver-based artist Kirsten Forkert invites Toronto participants to join her in the performance action Walking and Getting Rid of Something. This is the final event in FADO's 3-year-long Public Places / Private Spaces series. 

Walking and Getting Rid of Something considers the problems of living in a consumer culture, juxtaposing two situational questions: what to do with unwanted material goods; and how to work through a collaborative or community decision-making process. All are welcome to join.

Artist Talk with Kirsten Forkert and Sylvie Cotton
February 26, 2003 at 8PM
WARC (Women's Art Resource Centre)
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 122, Toronto



You are invited to come along for a walk. Bring an object you would like to get rid of. 

This could be:
for personal reasons
because it's broken or useless or just takes up space
for other reasons, you just don't need it anymore
because it can be easy, or difficult, to give something up

We are going to meet on March 1 and go for a walk together. During this walk, we will each find a way to get rid of the object, without simply throwing it away or selling it. We will help each other to do this.

We will all decide together on the directions the walk will take, depending on where people want to go and how well we know the area. The walk will be over once everyone has rid themselves of their objects.

This project developed out of a collaboration with Peter Conlin. It is inspired by questions of what defines a collective experience: Why did you come here? Why are we here together? What kinds of relationships and dialogues could develop out of a group of people brought together, absurdly, by what we don't need? Could this be thought of as community, however brief?

Is this utopian? Maybe.


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