Feu de Joie by Randy & Berenicci

Friday / Sep 21 / 01
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Bathurst Quay, Toronto

Cameron House (shuttle)
408 Queen Street West, Toronto

On Saturday September 21, the date marking the autumnal equinox, FADO is pleased to present Feu de Joie, a new performance by Randy & Berenicci. This work is presented as part of FADO's ongoing Public Spaces / Private Places series.

Feu de Joie uses optics, trompe-l'oeil effects and a bit of low-tech magic to transform the Toronto Island airport into a backdrop for a meditation on the nomadic nature of contemporary existence. Disaster and delight intermingle as the artists frame themselves as miniatures on a puppet stage, endlessly struggling to arrive – or is it to escape?

Whether they are creating public art commissions or site-specific performances, Randy and Berenicci have proven themselves to be masters at creating intimate, small-scale monuments. They are pioneers of a style of work that combines sensitive and playful references to site with visionary metaphors that infuse historical and popular cultural references from art, media and science. Poetic and multi-layered, their work is unexpected, surprising, but never out of place.


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