Mettachine (Sequence 1) by Louise McKissick

Thursday / Oct 11 / 01
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Trinity Square Video
35 McCaul Street, Toronto
Louise McKissick

Presented in conjunction with Tranz <---> Tech, Toronto's international video art biennial.

From October 11–13, FADO will present Mettachine (Sequence 1), an interactive performance installation by Canadian artist Louise McKissick. This event, presented in conjunction with Tranz <- - -> Tech, the Toronto international video art biennial, is the latest installment in FADO's ongoing Public Spaces / Private Places series.

Mettachine (Sequence1) is the first in a series of works by Louise McKissick that explore the social framework of medical biotechnology. A biofeedback machine will be used to track the effects of touch and language on the bodies of subject participants. These effects will then be mediated and broadcast over the web. Audiences can be a part of the project either as subject participants (to sign up for one of the 45-minute sessions, contact FADO at 416-822-3219); by visiting the waiting room, which will feature a live feed of the biofeedback results; or by monitoring a live stream on the web (check www.mettachine.org for details).

McKissick creates a provocative performance situation by marrying clinical and relaxation biofeedback techniques – including hypnosis – with brainwave interface technology from IBVA Technologies Inc. IBVA provides an interface between brainwave patterns and personal computers – in essence, allowing users to control computers by thought. FOR Mettachine (Sequence1), McKissick will use the brainwave patterns of subject participants to access a web stream of live and/or archived visual information. This information will be relayed back to the participant, creating a biofeedback loop. The technology allows McKissick and her subjects to map a geography of information through visual narrative, where the rules of navigation are controlled by brainwaves.


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