Potential Fertility Rite by TallBlondLadies

Monday / Oct 26 / 09
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

YYZ Artists Outlet
140-401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Two nearly identical tall blonde women, wearing white folklore blouses, grey leather short and white moon boots strapped into traditional wooden snowshoes manipulate large red exercise balls, enacting a traditional invocation rite by utilizing non-traditional gesture, action and costume. In this 5-hour performance movement, TallBlondLadies repeat a ritualized synchronized dance using modern day props, in time to the sound of snowshoes.

"TBL inverts female stereotypes through the composition of absurd and unexpected performative gestures, often incorporating a range of accoutrement from high-end fashion to sports gear. Their works present diametrically opposed concepts; beauty and grace are juxtaposed and diminished through brute action and athleticism, tacitly disrupting and challenging gender-based categorizations." Artists Space, New York, 2007

Established in 2003, TallBlondLadies is a collaborative performance project between Anna Berndtson (Sweden) and Irina Runge (Germany).


FADO is pleased to present Potential Fertility by TallBlondLadies (Anna Berndtson and Irina Runge). FADO is also excited to be working with the Hysteria Festival, an annual festival of women hosted by Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Festival Director Moynan King) to present Tall Blonde Ladies in Toronto for the first time. 

TallBlondLadies will be performing at the Hysteria Festival on Saturday October 24, as well as presenting the durational work for FADO on October 26 at YYZ Artists Outlet. For more information on the Hysteria Festival, go to the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre website: www.artsexy.ca



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