Open Barter Market by Julian Higuerey Nunez & Ignacio Perez Perez

November 23, 2009

InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
9 Ossington Avenue, Toronto
Don Simmons

Julian Higuerey Núñez & Ignacio Pérez Pérez
Open Barter Market

Part of Escapist Action: Performance in Recession

Join the artists from 2pm - 9pm on Monday November 23 at InterAccess to exchange, swap, trade and barter for one of the 72 items they have brought with them from Caracas, Venezuela. In obtain one of their items, they ask you to bring one of your own items for exchange, or you can exchange an hour of your time. 

Once the Barter Market closes, the very next day the artists transform the gallery into a performance space, using the items traded at the Barter Market as materials in an ever-changing and exchanging series of one-hour performances, 6 days, 12 hours a day (concluding at 9pm on Sunday November 29, the last hour long performance will begin at 8pm that night). During these performances, one of the two artists will choose an item and at a specific time, will use that item to create a performance. You are encouraged to trade an hour of your time in order to come and witness the performance being made with your item during the week.


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