Spotlight on Belfast: Sinead O'Donnell and Hugh O'Donnell

Friday / Feb 26 / 10
7:30 pm

Toronto Free Gallery
1277 Bloor Street West, Toronto

$5 / PWYC
FADO Performance Art Centre urges you not to miss this evening of new performance works from two of N. Ireland’s rising generation of performance artists, Sinead O’Donnell and Hugh O’Donnell. The artists, who are siblings, have often created performances together. In these premiere Toronto works, each artist inhabits a different physical space in the gallery. The work of both artists is exemplified by their deeply personal image-making response to site, and a provocative use of and relationship to their chosen materials – salt, milk, liver, a stack of white dinner plates, a gallery lined in patterned fabric.

Sinead O’Donnell has been creating performance, installation, site and time-based art since 1998. Encountering a place's territoriality, and frequently referencing Ireland, Sinead chooses actions or situations that demonstrate complexity, setting up confrontations between matter and memory, timing and spontaneity, site and space, and intuition and methodology. Sinead O’Donnell is based in Belfast, N. Ireland and her performance work has been presented in Ireland, South America, Middle East and Eastern Europe. She is highly active in the local Belfast performance art scene, working with Bbeyond and other local organizations to foster performance art activity and mentor emerging artists in her community. This will be Sinead’s first performance in Toronto. 

Hugh O'Donnell’s has been creating installation, video and performance works since receiving his MFA in Fine Art from the University of Ulster. His performance practice is informed by drawing, found and made objects. Often of an auto-personal nature, O’Donnell’s work is material-based and conceptual, and is concerned with notions of gender and sexuality.  Hugh O’Donnell is based in Belfast, N. Ireland and his performance work has been exhibited in Ireland and internationally in Switzerland, Serbia, Romania and Quebec City. Currently he works with Bbeyond, a Belfast based performance organization established to preserve and promote performance art exchanges within Ireland/N. Ireland and abroad. This will be Hugh’s first performance in Toronto.
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