The Addmore Session by Istvan Kantor

Saturday / Mar 24 / 01
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Addmore Office Furniture
82 Spadina Avenue, Toronto
Istvan Kantor

FADO is pleased to present The Addmore Session, a new work by internationally acclaimed Toronto artist Istvan Kantor. Presented as part of FADO's Public Spaces / Private Places series, The Addmore Session is the latest installment in The File Cabinet Project, a body of work that Kantor has been developing since 1993.

Audience members are invited to meet Kantor in his favorite environment, surrounded by file cabinets in one of Toronto's largest office furniture stores. Kantor and a number of guest performers will demonstrate the links between the office and the concert hall, information technology and sexual symbolism, communication and insanity. The all day program will include furniture-opera, desktop-dancing, cabinet-catwalking, office-crucifixion and more.

Kantor explores the file cabinet as a sculptural element in machinery installations, performances and video productions. His interest is more than a physical fascination or aesthetic obsession with monolithic office furniture. In Kantor's hyper-theoretical interpretation, the world wide web is a machinery-monument of information storage furniture interconnected through computers. The gesture of moving cabinet drawers in and out, sliding them back and forth, becomes the engine of information exchange.

Special thanks to Addmore Office Furniture.


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