they perform on friday and on saturday they respond to friday

Friday January 14 at 8pm
Saturday January 15 at 8pm

213 Sterling Road, Toronto
$10/PWYC (you pay once only)
claude wittmann

Map to location, click here

Jo SiMalaya Alcampo, Yumi Onose and Simon Rabyniuk perform on Friday and the next night they present a new work in response to the previous evening. This situation challenges the artists to work directly and immediately with site,a changing and repeating audience and to consider the impact and influence of working side by side over a duration of time.

They see us. They perform in front of us. We see them perform. We see them. They feel us. They perform near us. We feel their work. We feel them. Something happens. Something goes through us. Something goes through them. They process the encounter. We process too. We eat. We sleep. We dream. We think. We all come back the next day. We see them. They see us. We see their response to the day before. We see more. Way more. We feel more. They feel more. Way more.



Simon Rabyniuk is a Toronto-based visual artist and member of the urban design collective Department of Unusual Certainties. He creates context sensitive projects exploring urban form as both process and object. He has created site-sensitive works specific to the Parkdale Neighbourhood in Toronto, Wardsville, and Windsor.

Jo SiMalaya Alcampo is an interdisciplinary artist born in the Philippines and raised in Scarborough. Her interactive mixed media projects explore intersectionality, cultural/body memory and soul wounds. She combines various forms of artistic expression including sculpture, installation, sound art, electronics, photography, film/video and performance.

Yumi Onose was born in Japan. Yumi's passion in traveling and learning lead to her study of visual arts and performance. She has created art for contemporary dance piece Red Dream directed by Keiko Ninomiya in 2006, and exhibited Evolving Forms with Harvey Chan in 2007.


[ Special Presentations ]

+ IMAGE GALLERY: Yumi Onose (Friday)
+ IMAGE GALLERY: Yumi Onose (Saturday)
+ IMAGE GALLERY: Simon Rabyniuk (Friday)
+ IMAGE GALLERY: Simon Rabyniuk (Saturday)
+ IMAGE GALLERY: Jo Simalaya Alcampo (Friday)
+ IMAGE GALLERY: Jo Simalaya Alcampo (Saturday)
+ ARTICLE: Song-Atmosphere-City-Song-Atmosphere by Marcin Kedzior
+ VIDEO GALLERY: Friday/Saturday by Yumi Onose
+ VIDEO GALLERY: Friday/Saturday by Simon Rabyniuk
+ Friday/Saturday by Jo Simalaya Alcampo