Intra Muros I by Martine Viale

Thursday / Feb 2 / 12
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Artscape Triangle Gallery
38 Abell Street
Martine Viale

FADO Performance Art Centre presents Intra Muros I
A performance installation by Martine Viale

Thursday February 2 – Saturday February 4, 2012

Performance installation in progress: February 2 + 3, from 2pm-7pm
Closing performance action: Friday February 3, at 8pm (with reception following)
Artist talk: Saturday February 4, from 1-3pm

Through self-displacement, successive actions and minimal materials, Intra Muros I proposes a sense of contemplation, as the artist gradually tries to accumulate meanings through a constant folding and unfolding of images. Pursuing a process based on persistence, Viale’s work suggests multiple stages of working, rather then presenting a completed product. Transformation through time and accumulation plays a major role in the elaboration of the work. The artist’s body becomes a “doing body” engaged in creating, layering and collecting traces of actions, which progressively transform the space and the artist herself.



Photo credits (left to right): (2 images) The Imprint Series-House. August 2011. Guy L'Heureux; (2 images) Subject Matter Conclusion. Cesario Moza.




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