The Gift by Lee Hassall

March 14: performance installation in progress, 6-8pm
March 15: artist talk, 6-8pm
March 16: open at 7pm, performance at 8pm

Toronto Free Gallery
1277 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Lee Hassall

March 14: performance installation in progress, 6-8PM
March 15: Artist talk in the gallery, 6-8PM
March 16: gallery open at 7PM / performance at 8PM

Is art torn between the commodity and the gift, the supermarket and the church?

Lee Hassall will use the gallery as a repository and home base from which to engage with the surrounding neighbourhood, gathering impressions via exchanges with objects, paraphernalia and people, culminating in a final performance action.

On March 14th and 15th, audience is invited to the gallery from 6-8PM to witness the growing installation and to donate a gift for the artist. Donated items or materials may be altered, deconstructed, disappeared or hybridized. All gifts will be considered and engaged with, and will become a part of the final public performance on March 16th.

On March 15th, Lee Hassall will give an artist talk in the gallery from 6-8PM, in the midst of his growing in-progress installation.


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