Trace by Tristan R. Whiston and Moynan King

Performance Installation
August 24, 7-9pm
August 25, 11am-1pm & 7-9pm
August 26, 2-4pm

Artist talk: Aug 25, 1pm

Christie Studio, Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street, Toronto

FADO Performance Art Centre and RDP present
trace by Tristan R. Whiston and Moynan King

Co-presented by New Adventures in Sound Art for the Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art. 



trace: evidence or an indication of the former presence or existence of something


Can one man stand amidst his many voices and find herself there? Can a person sing harmony with different parts of theirselves? Can we trace the sound of ourselves as we change? If so, what remains of the original voice?

Through an exploration of voice, trace transforms a private story into a performative experience integrating sound, video, installation and live performance. Using archival recordings taken before and during Tristan R. Whiston’s gender transition from female to male, along with recent recordings and live vocals, trace explores the idea that change is constant and we are always becoming someone new.

Throughout the installation are multiple speakers, each playing a single part or element in the immersive soundscape. Audience is invited to contribute to the performance by entering one of the installation’s beach inspired changing huts and, using old-fashioned technology, create their own vocal recording, eliciting an experience of auditory self-reflection.


Tristan R. Whiston and Moynan King are artists with distinct multi-disciplinary practices. Their shared interest in ideas of identity, gender, communication and the element of time (in both life and art) brought them together as artistic collaborators early their careers.

Video by Leslie Peters
Set elements by Trixie and Beever
Software design by Dafydd Hughes
Photo by David Hawe

Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art: August 4-31, 2012
New Adventures in Sound Art: www.naisa.ca



Middle C was produced by Carma Jolly and Tristan R. Whiston for CBC Radio's Outfront in 2007. It won the Premios Ondas award for International Radio and a silver medal at the New York Festivals.

Tristan R. Whiston first performed as a solo soprano at the age of six. With that raw talent, years of hard work led to an accomplished singing career. But Tristan has decided to give up the most precious thing a singer has — the voice. You see, something was never quite right. Tristan always wanted to be a man. Now that dream is about to come true as Tristan embarks upon the process of gender reassignment. In a year’s worth of intimate audio diaries, we hear milestones like Tristan’s first shave. But the most striking thing is the transformation of Tristan’s singing voice. Tristan starts out as a soprano whose voice soars on the high notes. As the testosterone takes effect in Tristan’s body, that sublime voice is ripped to shreds and has to be completely recast - just like his identity.

Listen to Middle C: http://theunobserved.com/culture/middle_c/




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