Friday / Feb 20 / 04
7:30 pm

Karen Schreiber Gallery
25 Morrow Avenue, Toronto


Presented by Blank Slate with support from the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art. Life=Art=Life is curated by neoist addict Istvan Kantor.

Life=Art=Life is designed to be an exploratory forum evaluating the past and present trends of performance art in the context of everyday life. 

Under the auspices of Blank Slate, the weekend event will bring together local and international artists and theorists to present and discuss their work.

The artists include local tableau-vivant diva, Louise Liliefeldt; art-action ambassador Richard Martel from Quebec City; writer, professor and Dr. of destruction and art theory Kristine Stiles from North Carolina; and self declared non-artist Tehching Hsieh from New York City forever famous for his one year performances. Among guests at the Sunday panel discussion will be One Night Only, a Regina based performance art collective, in Toronto for their event Home Repair hosted by Fado. The six members of the group are Adam Budd, Felipe Diaz, Blair Fornwald, Tanis Keiner, Tammy McGrath, and Anna Scott.

Today it seems to us, that performance art, as a rebellious and revolutionary force, has completed its mandate by infiltrating every aspect of life. The life=art=life theory, historically supported by the avant garde, has never been more relevant than today.

If it is true that performance art, as a social engine and generator of change, has accomplished its mission, then what is its’ place in current artistic activities and everyday life?

Blank Slate hosts forums for discussions, critical talks, conferences, workshops and interdisciplinary events, conducted in a non-intimidating environment. Participants are encouraged to freely express their ideas concerning today's artistic activities, new trends, theoretical issues and practical methods. The purpose of Blank Slate is to encourage everyone in the exploration of creative ideas and critical thinking, blending together science, technology, philosophy, politics and art.


February 20, 7:30pm, 
Karen Schreiber Gallery
Performances by Louise Liliefeldt and Richard Martel

February 20, 10pm - dawn
Polish Canadian Legion No.621, 2290 Dundas St. West
Performances/Videos/DJ featuring Ulysses Castellanos, Marlee Cargill, Lewis Kaye, Machinesexactiongroup and more.

February 21, 7:30pm 
Karen Schreiber Gallery
Performances by Tehching Hsieh and Kristine Stiles

February 22, 2pm 
Karen Schreiber Gallery)
Panel discussion with the artists from One Night Only and Life=Art=Life 


Renowned former performance artist, and currently self-declared non-artist, Tehching Hsieh, is most recognized for his One Year performances. He has lived in a cage, he has lived by the clock, he has lived outside, and he has lived tied by a six-foot rope to a fellow performance artist, Linda Montano. Each performance lasted for one year. His fifth and final performance, Earth, the content of which remained a secret for thirteen years, was disclosed to the public with a simple statement “I kept myself alive. I passed the December 31st, 1999.” Hsieh believes that with the completion of his thirteen year piece that there is nothing left for him to accomplish in this world.

My idea is that time becomes the main thing, how I pass the time is my main concern. It doesn’t matter what I do, I pass time.
~Tehching Hsieh

Toronto based painter, teacher and curator, Louise Liliefeldt, is today highly regarded internationally as a performance artist. Her work is often presented in a public setting where she installs herself in site specific locations, creating environments that incorporate self made objects or video projections. Liliefeldt’s concerns focus on political issues of gender and race, cultural conventions of spectatorship and the links between expanded emotional and psychological states with the physical experience. She is a member of the Shakewell Performance art Collective, Class Act, and is co-founder of 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art in Toronto.

Richard Martel is a multidisciplinary artist who has vested the majority of his artistic experiences in Quebec. As a performance artist, writer, curator, theorist, teacher, Martel is particularly interested in the dissemination of avant-garde principles and practices in the fields of contemporary art and cultural production. Martel is a founding member of the renowned contemporary art journal Inter, and in 1982 he co-founded Le Lieu, an artist-run centre located in Quebec City.

Kristine Stiles is an associate professor of (Art History) at Duke University. She is a prolific writer on contemporary art theories, a multi-disciplinary artist and an academic. Her performances have been widely celebrated with such fellow artists as Yoko Ono, Francesco Conz and Sherman Flemming. Stiles co-edited Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists’ Writings (1996). Currently, she is working on five books.


The first Blank Slate event took place on August 14 2003 and was marked by the world famous blackout that put Blank Slate into the right track of enlightening discussion. Since, Blank Slate has hosted ten Discussion cocktail events with local and international artists and has co-operated with performance art agency Fado Perfomance Inc. Participants have included action-artist Gusztav Uto from Transylvania, Canadian Art editor Richard Rhodes, artist stand-ups Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan from Winnipeg, avant-garde legends Eldon Garnet and Istvan Kantor, Toronto Arts Council visionary Jim Garrard, emerging local talents Maria Legault, Jennifer Matotek and Beth McEachen. The Blank Slate strategy based on the practical doctrine that life is a collective social sculpture and everyone is an artist/constructor/architect.

This is event is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, and coordinated with Istvan Kantor and Karen Schreiber.

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