Part 2: Duorama #119, #120

#119: August 24, 2014 @ 1pm
#120: August 30, 2014 @ 1pm

Duorama #119 and #120
Sunday Drive Art Projects
Warkworth, Ontario

FADO is proud to present Part 1: Duorama #114 - #117 and Part 2: Duorama #119, #120 and #122, a series of performances created by FADO's former Performance Art Curator and founding Director Paul Couillard, and founding member Ed Johnson. Partners in life and art, Paul and Ed have been creating the Duorama series for the last 14 years. The series has been sprinkled throughout the year, starting with a Duorama #114 in February, and culminating in Duorama #122 on September 27th.

Duorama #119 and #120 are presented in the context of Warkworth, presented by Sunday Drive Art Projects. There will also be an artist talk on August 30, 1pm in Warkworth.

Sunday Drive Art Projects has brought together a roster of some of Toronto's most active artist-run centres and collectives to present satellites in the beautiful village of Warkworth, temporarily transforming it into a hub of contemporary art. From August 23 – September 6, visit Warkworth to see works that are rarely seen outside of metropolitan centres, giving them new life in the context of a rural setting.

Warkworth is truly a special community. Just 90 minutes from Toronto, it’s situated in beautiful countryside, and has lovely historic architecture. Warkworth is home to a large community of artists, designers and architects that have helped make it a uniquely liberal, stylish village with a very creative sensibility. It balances the best of country life with contemporary taste, evident in the shops and cafes that populate it's Main Street. Just 90 minutes from Toronto, it is the perfect road trip destination. 



Details on Part 1 of the series can be found HERE.

Since 2000, Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson have worked together on the performance art series Duorama. Playful, beguiling and often minimalist, these pieces explore notions of relationship, and draw on collaborative and competitive tensions that underlie all partnerships. Responding to site and examining cultural attitudes toward male intimacy are key elements of Duorama. Recurring themes revolve around shifting interpretations of what is political and what is personal. Many of the works can be read in terms of the current social and political climate surrounding gay culture, offering askance references to issues such as gay marriage, HIV-status, and portrayals of gay culture. To date, 113 Duorama performances have been presented at galleries, festivals and various events in Canada, France, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the USA, Singapore, Ireland and the UK.

Sunday Drive is a registered not-for-profit organization presenting arts events that bring new audiences to new places. Our projects increase the creation, presentation and dissemination of contemporary arts activities. We are a passionate group of arts professionals dedicated to nurturing cultural exchange and art activities around us. We believe contemporary art should be accessible to everyone. Sunday Drive is equally dedicated to creating exceptional opportunities for art makers and organizations that increase the ways we know each other, work together, and have a good time making art - preferrably together!
Photo credits:
Duorama #111
Toronto, Canada
July 14, 2012
photo: Henry Chan

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