Transmitting Trio A (1966) with Sara Wookey

Thursday / Mar 19 / 15
7:30 pm

Open rehearsals + Performances + Discursive events

With: Robert Abubo, Martin Bélanger, Shannon Cochrane, Aleesa Cohene, Margaret Dragu, Francesco Gagliardi, Ame Henderson, Andrea Nann, Jon McCurley, Mikiki, Simon Rabyniuk

Project curated and presented by FADO Performance Art Centre

Workshop partners: Dancemakers and Public Recordings
Performance venue partner: AGO
Gallery partner: Gallery TPW


The Project: TRANSMITTING TRIO A (1966)
Over the course of a 5-day intensive workshop led by Sara Wookey - one of the few dancers authorized by Yvonne Rainer to "transmit" (to use Rainer's own phrase) her works - a mixed group of dance and performance artists will learn several of Rainer's dance works, focusing primarily on Trio A (1966)

Consisting of a 4½ minute sequence of movements that progress without repetition, phrasing, or emphasis and performed without musical accompaniment, Trio A (1966) is largely considered to be one of the originative works of the postmodern dance movement, as well one of the most influential works in the canon of 20th century dance.

Rainer’s interest in task-based movement, the ephemeral, the un-spectacular, and rethinking the performer-audience relationship are characteristic concerns of both contemporary dance artists and performance artists.

The starting point for this project is the shared conversation between dance and performance artists around the distinctions between repertoire and reenactment, in particular consideration of how these modes of archiving in live art relate to the increasing interest in presenting performance art and choreography in the museum.

The results of the project are a series of presentations of Trio A (and other works in the Rainer repertoire) in a variety of contexts: a dance studio, a gallery, and a museum; as an open rehearsal, a single iteration, and a rotating relay. In addition, Sara Wookey will be giving a lecture demonstration about Trio A, there are a series of discursive events being presented by Gallery TPW, and the AGO is hosting an artist talk by Yvonne Rainer.

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March 19, 7:30pm
'Dance is Hard to See' Capturing and Transmitting Movement through Language, Media and Muscle Memory
A lecture demonstration by Sara Wookey
Venue: Dancemakers
March 22, 4-5pm
Open rehearsal of Trio A (1966)
Venue: Dancemakers
March 24, 7pm
Performance of Trio A (1966)
Venue: Gallery TPW
March 25, 7-8pm
Open Rehearsal of Trio A (1966) and other works 
Venue: AGO
March 28, 12-5pm
Open Rehearsal of Trio A (1966) and other related practices
Venue: Gallery TPW
March 20-28, 2015
“…a container for mere possibilities that have not yet happened, a body in a state of becoming through time, or a structure for the expression of time as it moves both forwards and backwards at once.”
Presented by Gallery TPW
In partnership with FADO and No Reading After the Internet
Curated by Jacob Korczynski and Kim Simon
In 1968, Jill Johnston stated that, "I’ve seen Trio A a number of times and still think I haven’t really seen it.” This week of discursive events responds to and thinks alongside the performances initiated by FADO, allowing the opportunity to see Rainer’s dance again within a constellation of conversations, readings and newly commissioned work. All events are free, and take place at Gallery TPW. For more detailed info: gallerytpw.ca

March 20, 7pm
Conversation with curator and historian Barbara Clausen, Jacob Korczynski and Kim Simon thinking about liveness in the gallery, affect and Yvonne Rainer’s No Manifesto

March 23, 7pm
No Reading After the Internet,
in collaboration with cheyanne turions
A salon series dealing with cultural texts, which are read aloud by participants. Participation in No Reading After the Internet is open to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with a text or its author. Texts will be handed out at the salon. Readings will include Amy Sillman’s Notes on the diagram, reworked. Version 2: not-knowing from which this series title is taken.

March 26, 7pm
Conversation about the workshop experience with Trio A performers and Sara Wookey
Moderated by Jacob Korczynski and Kim Simon

March 28, 12-5pm
Screening of 
A Fence is a Type of Movement, video by Bridget MoserCommissioned as an anchor to this series of events, A Fence is a Type of Movement (2015) is a new video by performance artist Bridget Moser, produced within the context of the new Gallery TPW site while under construction. The screening is simultaneous with the final performances of Trio A.


FADO’s Transmitting Trio A (1966) project overlaps with Yvonne Rainer’s visit to Toronto where she will deliver an artist talk (Saturday March 21, 7pm) entitled Where’s the Passion? in the context of the AGO’s Radical Acts Unconference taking place on Saturday March 21 (10am - 5pm).

Information / purchase tickets to Radical Acts: www.ago.net/radical-acts
Information / purchase tickets to Yvonne Rainer's talk: www.ago.net/artist-talk-yvonne-rainer


Sara Wookey is a choreographer with an interest in the way that performance and publics interact. Her work is informed by her training in American Post-Modern Dance, European Dance-Theater and Laban Movement Analysis. Parallel to her creative practice Sara speaks and writes on issues of economy and value in dance. Sara is often asked to consult on dance presentation and archive in the museum and on public engagement with cultural institutions and government agencies. She is a certified teacher of Yvonne Rainer's seminal dance work Trio A (1966) and a practicing square dance caller.

Yvonne Rainer, a co-founding member of the Judson Dance Theater in 1962, made a transition to filmmaking following a fifteen-year career as a choreographer/dancer (1960-1975). After making seven experimental feature films  — Lives of Performers (1972), Privilege (1990), MURDER and murder (1996), among others — she returned to dance in 2000 via a commission from the Baryshnikov Dance Foundation for the White Oak Dance Project (After Many a Summer Dies the Swan). Her dances since then include AG Indexical, with a little help from H.M., RoS Indexical, a Performa07 commission, Spiraling Down, Assisted Living: Good Sports 2, and Assisted Living: Do You Have Any Money? Her dances and films have been shown world wide, and her work has been rewarded with museum exhibitions, fellowships, and grants, most notably two Guggenheim Fellowships, two Rockefeller grants, a Wexner Prize, a MacArthur Fellowship, and retrospective exhibitions at Kunsthaus Bregenz and Museum Ludwig, Cologne (2012), the Getty Research Institute, L.A. and Raven Row, London (2014). A memoir — Feelings Are Facts: a Life — was published by MIT Press in 2006. A selection of her poetry was published in 2011 by Paul Chan’s Badlands Unlimited.

This project is possible because of the generous support of Dancemakers (Ben Kamino and Emi Forster) in making the workshop possible. Warm thanks to Public Recordings (Ame Henderson) in conceptualizing the project and helping to assemble the group. Thanks to the AGO (Kathleen McLean and Paola Poletto) for inviting this project into their activities. Thanks to the contribution of Gallery TPW as main host venue, and to curators Jacob Korczynski and Kim Simon for their keen thinking in organizing a series of discursive events in response to the project’s proposal, available to experience at Gallery TPW from March 20-28, 2015. 
Distillery District, 15 Case Goods Lane, Suite #301
AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)
317 Dundas Street West
Gallery TPW
170 St. Helens Avenue

Image credit: Trio A (1966). Sara Wookey. VIVA! Art Action. 2011. Guy L'Heureux.


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