Performance Academy 1: INCONSOLABLE SOLVENCY with Bethany Ides / DOOR UNLIMITED

September 10, 3pm–6pm
September 17, 3pm–6pm
September 24, 3pm–6pm

The Commons @ 401 Richmond
401 Richmond St. West, suite 440
Bethany Ides

FADO Performance Art Centre is pleased to offer the first iteration of our newest recurring series Performance: Academy, with Bethany Ides’ INCONSOLABLE SOLVENCY, taking place at our new home in The Commons @ 401, over three consecutive Sundays in September. 



Performance Academy 1




Sunday, September 10, 3pm–6pm

Sunday, September 17, 3pm–6pm

Sunday, September 24, 3pm–6pm*


The Commons @ 401 Richmond

401 Richmond St. West, suite 440





What extra-sensory signals do we exchange when we trade money for goods, services and conveniences? How out of whack would a transaction have to be in order to hardly be recognizable as such? Would it–– could it–– seem like something else entirely? Like love? Like devastation? Like relief?


In this workshop, we will be troubling the methods of assessment and valuation we rely on every day in order to manage and/or mitigate our senses of security, trustworthiness, likability and fairness. Participants will work collaboratively to re-interpret and re-model concepts like “efficiency,” “transparency” and “trust,” by inventing tools for dissolving those social structures that depend on them. During each meeting, individuals and smaller clusters will propose experimental contracts or modes of currency for possible use by the group as a whole. Readings will be distributed and short process/speculative writing will be assigned each week. This workshop is offered free of charge. There is no fixed monetary cost, other kinds of equitable exchange are welcomed and encouraged. 


INCONSOLABLE SOLVENCY is presented in 3 sessions. If you cannot join each of the sessions, that’s okay, but it is preferable that participants make a commitment to attend at least 2 of the sessions. This workshop is open to all participants of all levels of study and/or experience (including just plain curiosity).


To reserve a spot in this Performance: Academy, please email us at: info@performanceart.ca


Bethany Ides' Performance: Academy is presented in conjunction with, in relationship to, and in the context of the work she is developing at HATCH entitled Deathbeds. Described as an opera created in community, Deathbeds is a multi-platform work about desire as a contested resource and the ways various commodification compulsions affect romantic and economic ecologies alike. And how harrowing matters get when we try to break through all that–how funny but also jittery, how dizzyingly everything becomes blur the more emphatically we expect the expiration of the patient, Capitalism. With accelerated excitations, we imagine a body on the brink and tend to it even as we call for its demise.


For more information about Bethany’s presentation at HATCH, please visit the Harbourfront website: www.harbourfrontcentre.com/hatch/



ABOUT Performance Academy 

Performance Academy is a platform in which artists constitute their own school of learning–performing pedagogy–for an audience in the form of peer-to-peer academia, where self-organizing and personal experience as knowledge is valued over institutionalized frameworks. Artists, writers and creative thinkers from the performance art milieu as well as adjacent practices such as curation, social practice, film/video and more, develop and offer mini-courses (of 3 or more sessions dissmeinted over several weeks) presenting ideas and covering a range of topics and  that each facilitator is already an expert in (however one might define "expert"). A workshop in the form of a performance; a performance in the form of a school. Through a sustained commitment to collective learning, Performance: Academy transforms the concept of a course into a group performance. Performance: Academy facilitators for FADO’s 2017-2018 programming season include: Bethany Ides (September), Dino Dinco (October), Cindy Baker (December) and Moynan King (spring 2018).


Performance Academy 2017–2018


Performance Academy 1



September 2017


Performance Academy 2

Dino Dinco

October 2017


Performance Academy 3

Cindy Baker

December 2017


Performance Academy 4

Moynan King

Spring 2018




HATCH is Harbourfront Centre’s performing arts residency and presentation series–a situation where new live artworks and new audiences meet in the spirit of inquiry.


This HATCH is a setting for artworks that take beginnings—a renewable, though perhaps not limitless resource—as their subjects. A whip-fast change of direction; an inkling; a certainty of a doubt—that’s what’s being worked with. In each of these projects the human faculties of improvisation, intuition, and inspiration face a battery of questions: How did we do it? When did it happen? What does it feel like? The questioning is rendered as a score. The score is performed. And the performance becomes itself the beginning. The ostensibly unplanned brings what was planned all along into stark relief, be it sinister, structural, changeable, or all of these at once.


HATCH 13: READY AND UNPREPARED moves five artists’ projects into constellation this September in a new two-day, public studio September 21–22.



September 11–October 9, 2017

Harbourfront Centre, Toronto




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