Performance Club 1: Queer/Play with Moe Angelos

December 14 & 15, 2019

The Commons @ 401 Richmond
401 Richmond Street West, suite 440, Toronto

PWYC (at door only)
PLUS Limited number of books on sale at door!


Performance Club 1

Queer/Play edited by Moynan King

Performed by Moe Angelos



December 14, 7–9pm

December 15, 7–9pm



The Commons @ 401 Richmond

401 Richmond Street West, suite 440, Toronto



Admission: PWYC (at the door only)

This is your book club. You are the audience. You decide how many sessions you attend. 


It is not a requirement that you have already read the book being clubbed to attend this Performance: Club. But you are more than welcome to! There will be a limited number of discounted books for sale at the door or you can purchase your copy in advance through the Playwrights Canada Press website.


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ABOUT Queer Play 

A collection of never before published scripts and interviews from both emerging and established Canadian queer theatre and performance artists, Queer/Play maps a cross section of current performance works found at the intersection of queer life and art, delving into the resulting subcultures and always-changing concepts of identity and performance. In this book, queer is not just something someone is; it’s also something these artists do.


Queer/Play Performance Club is presented in 2 sessions, and will be performed by Moe Angelos. Angelos interprets and takes inspiration from the material content of Queer/Play to create a new performance work of their own, playing with the idea of book club.



Each event in the Queer/Play Performance: Club will feature a verbatim reading of some of the interviews contained in Queer/Play, performed by a roster of Toronto-based artists, writers, and performers including: Shannon Cochrane, Amanda CordnerSky Gilbert, Darren Gobert, Johanna HouseholderAisha Sasha JohnLouise Liliefeldt, Pamila MatharuTanya Mars, Susan Wolf and Michaela Washburn.



Graceful Rebellions by Shaista Latif

Lapine-Moi / Rabbit-I & Cerveau Fêlé 101 / Broken Brain 101 by Nathalie Claude

Dirty Plötz by Alex Tigchelaar

Chronicles of a War Child by Jazz Kamal “Nari”

She Mami Wata & The Pussy WitchHunt by d’bi.young anitafrika

The Magic Hour by Jess Dobkin

Trapped! by Hope Thompson

Sister Mary’s a Dyke?! by Flerida Peña

Hiding Words (for you) by Gein Wong

SPIN by Evalyn Parry

"Comedians Talking about (Gay) Comedy," a round-table discussion with Elvira Kurt, Sabrina Jalees, Dawn Whitwell, and Carolyn Taylor with Moynan King



Alisha Stranges, Erin Hurley, Laine Zisman Newman, Donna-Michelle St Bernard, Mel Hague, Keith Cole, Laura Levin, Tabia Lau, Kim Crosby, Margo Charlton




As a proposition for a performance or the framework for an actual book club, Performance Club redefines the historical and contemporary performance art canon, one book club, and one book / article / essay / anthology at a time. Invited artists perform the role of book club facilitators, leading the audience through a performance of a reading, a reading performance, a performance about a book, or a bookish performance. This series is on-going. Sometimes we pick the book and invite an artist; sometimes we invite an artist and they pick a book. Just like a real book club, we ask the audience to read the suggested material before coming to the performance. But don't worry, just like a real book club, no one ever does. 


Performance Club: 2017–2019


Performance Club 1

Queer/Play edited by Moynan King

Performed by Moe Angelos

December 14–15, 2017


Performance Club 2

Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann

Performed by Keith Cole

January 20–February 20, 2018


Performance Club 3

9Questions, an artist project by Gustaf Broms (2018)

(The time we made our own book.)


Performance Club 4

Book Club: snowflakes in the echo chamber

Performed by Moe Angelos

September 10, 2019


Performance Club 5

The Talking Grave

Performed by Hope Thompson

September 12, 2019


Performance Club 6

Art Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, subtitle; Does This Giacometti Make Me Look Fat?

Performed by David Bateman

September 19, 2019



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