Performance Club 4: Book Club: snowflakes in the echo chamber by Moe Angelos

Tuesday / Sep 10 / 19
7:30 pm

The Commons @ 401
401 Richmond Street West, 4th floor
FREE / Accessible space & washrooms
Moe Angelos

Save your Thursdays in September for the ultimate trio of Queer Performance Clubs performed by Moe Angelos (September 10), Hope Thompson (September 12) and David Bateman (September 19).




Book Club: snowflakes in the echo chamber

Moe Angelos


Are you a snowflake? Do you live in an information silo? Do you live to comment? Likes, dislikes, emoji bagels and a thumbs up? Are you a lurking flamer? (Or is your crazy uncle in Alberta one?) Is this making you mad? Would you like to say something? Do you feel silenced because there is no comment function?
What happens when all your friends (and your “Friends”) think exactly the same as you? Can you talk to each other anymore?


Join us for Book Club: snowflakes in the echo chamber, one year after Queer/Play was published; one year after Ellie, Audrey, Jasmine, Stacy and Moe read it in their book club; and one long year on our journey ever deeper into the Offendocene, the epoch of being outraged.

Join us after each performance for a talk back with the artist and their fellow club artists.

September 10: Moe Angelos with David Bateman

September 12: Hope Thompson with Moe Angelos

September 19: David Bateman with Hope Thompson



Join us for Performance Club and get your own Performance Club: THE SYLLABUS, a brand new addition to FADO's Golden Book series (as always, designed by Lisa Kiss). This time, it's bigger (it won't fit in your pocket, think book bag) and it contains three performance texts and an incredible intro, entitled "This is a Queer Series..." written by the one and only Moynan King.



As a proposition for a performance or the framework for an actual book club, Performance Club redefines the historical and contemporary performance art canon, one book club, and one book / article / essay / anthology at a time. Invited artists perform the role of book club facilitators, leading the audience through a performance of a reading, a reading performance, a performance about a book, or a bookish performance. This series is on-going. Sometimes we pick the book and invite an artist; sometimes we invite an artist and they pick a book. Just like a real book club, we ask the audience to read the suggested material before coming to the performance. But don't worry, just like a real book club, no one ever does. 


Performance Club: 2017–2019


Performance Club 1

Queer/Play edited by Moynan King

Performed by Moe Angelos

December 14–15, 2017


Performance Club 2

Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann

Performed by Keith Cole

January 20–February 20, 2018


Performance Club 3

9Questions, an artist project by Gustaf Broms (2018)

(The time we made our own book.)


Performance Club 4

Book Club: snowflakes in the echo chamber

Performed by Moe Angelos

September 10, 2019


Performance Club 5

The Talking Grave

Performed by Hope Thompson

September 12, 2019


Performance Club 6

Art Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, subtitle; Does This Giacometti Make Me Look Fat?

Performed by David Bateman

September 19, 2019



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+ Performance Club 5: The Talking Grave by Hope Thompson
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