Pi*llOry part 3 and 4

July 25 & 26, 2020

Toronto & online

FADO Performance Art Centre was pleased to support the artists who presented their work in Pi*llOry Part 3 and Part 4.

Sadie Berlin
Lo Bil
Simla Civelek
Nicole Lynn Deschaine
Madeleine Lychek
Tess Martens
Sheri Osden Nault
Coman Poon
Randa Reda
Brian Smith
Amber Helene Müller St. Thomas
Holly Timpener
Johannes Zits

ABOUT Pi*llOry
Pi*llOry is an event for Queer, BIPOC and Feminist performers to show case their work, focusing on trauma. Pi*llOrists are examining how we personally and politically dismantle heteronormative hegemony and engage in healing that puts an end to the repetition of communal trauma. Pi*llOry’s performers are liberating queer bodies as a primary agency that can harness the transformative power of presence, space, politics, shame and (dis)/ability while refracting their infinite incarnations. Pi*llOry's artists renounce the binary and traditional gender roles, they not only create new ones for themselves, but give space for others to create their own as well. Through oral, visual and visceral mediums, Pi*llOry explores the depths of fragmented gender/queer identity, pushing beyond labels and classifications. On the edge of complete uncertainty, with only the already structural, limited and bound ways of description and discrimination of queerness, Pi*llOrists arm themselves with the unknown to disrupt inherited historical trauma invoking a lasting communal cultural healing.

Pi*llOry would like to thank FADO for their sponsorship and support of Pi*llOry part three and four.

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Photo credits
lo bil. Pi*llOry part three. 2020. Photo by Tina Bararian.
Randa Reda. Pi*llOry part three. 2020. Photo by Tina Bararian.
Sadie Berlin. Pi*llOry part four. 2020. Photo by Tina Bararian.
Sheri Osden Nault. Pi*llOry part four. 2020. Photo by Tina Bararian.


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