Performance Home: Louise Liliefeldt

Residency Series

2021 - 2022


Performance Home: an archive

Performing for the archive; the archive is a performance.

For Louise Liliefeldt’s Performance Home project, over the course of fall/winter 2021, the artist is taking a deep dive through her personal archive of materials, photos and videos documenting her performance practice over the last 20 plus years.

On the surface, the goal is to create a website that illustrates Liliefeldt’s practice, providing a chronological history for those familiar with her work and for new audiences. Behind the surface however is the endless work of sifting, sorting, accessing and editing that the archive needs from us. How does the performance artists make order from what is essentially ephemeral, chaotic and non-linear?

Details of the launch of Liliefeldt’s website coming early in 2022.

The website design is by Kathleen Smith of 7Pirouettes. This project is partially funded by the Ontario Arts Council.



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